About Lisa

Lisa Coker is a documentary photographer. Originally from Waianae, Hawaii, she is now based in Sacramento, California.

When she was just 11 years old, she unexpectedly lost her father to cancer. Six months later, she lost her grandmother to a heart attack. It was a traumatizing year but a pivotal one. One in which would redefine her outlook on life and define the way she interprets the world with her camera.

As a photographer, she searches for moments of intimacy, stillness, and joy with a keen understanding of how fleeting life is.

Lisa is currently a contributor for Sham of the Perfect, an international collaborative of documentary family photographers. She is also a contributing artist for Offset and Shutterstock Custom.

Her work has been published on National Geographic Your Shot for stories such as Life in Black and White, I Love You, and The Gift of Life as well as Best Photos of 2018.