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Meet Lisa

"Posing for pictures are just that - pictures. Lisa captures life and freezes those moments. We really forgot she was there for a while. Her personality is perfect for her job too. Lisa greeted our boys right away - they warmed up to her quickly." - Josh, Sacramento, CA

I’m Lisa, and I love making pictures. I'm originally from Hawaii, and now reside in Sacramento, CA with my husband of 10 years and our three beautiful children. I used to have a very successful career in Human Resources, until one day I had an ah ha! moment and realized that it wasn’t where I wanted to be for the rest of my life. So I left the corporate world to become a full-time mom.  

It’s been a rough, enlightening, and chaotic journey being a household CEO but I'm so grateful for it. I was aware of how physicallly tough it would be, but not mentally, emotionally, spiritually, and everything-ally! I've experienced a ton of growth as a person and continue to do so.

It was through my time as a full-time mom that I discovered my love for documentary photography. This style, in which I document real unscripted moments, celebrates the beauty and revelation of imperfection. As a wife, mother and businesswoman, I understand the struggle of societal pressures to be perfect, but I've chosen to embrace the mess and document memories of what life actually looks like. That's how I'll want to remember it 10 years from now.

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With over 8 years in the industry, Lisa has developed a unique style of photography that captures raw and authentic moments of children and families. She believes in embracing the imperfection in life in an effort to preserve real moments in time. The unpretty moments are just as important as the pretty ones.

Lisa is also a contributing photographer for Sham of the Perfect, an international collective of photographers who are passionate about both documentary family photography and being parents.