Lisa is a full time mom and documentary photographer specializing in family photography. She grew up on the island of Oahu, HI and now resides in Sacramento, CA with her husband and four children. Pictures became unexpectedly valuable to her when she lost her father to cancer at the age of 11. It is because of this significant childhood event that she is driven to document moments that matter right now, and will matter 20 years from now. Her point of view is one that celebrates stillness, love, intimacy and humor.

She is a contributing photographer for Sham of the Perfect (SOTP), an international collaborative of documentary family photographers. Lisa is also a contributing photographer for Offset, a stock photo company offering curated, authentic, high quality imagery. Her work has also been published in National Geographic's Your Shot stories, The Gift of Life and Finding Family. 

Kind words from Josh

"Lisa captures life and freezes those moments. We really forgot she was there for a while. Her personality is perfect for her job too. Lisa greeted our boys right away - they warmed up to her quickly."

- Josh, Sacramento, CA.

Kind words from Iram

"I don't think I will ever be comfortable with anyone photographing my children except her. She knows what's she's doing and not judging you and your kids. I had a great experience with her and definitely recommend her."

- Iram, Sacramento, CA.

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